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Environmental & Biotechnological Factor

“Because we give nothing but the best.”

Among the many reasons that people opt for our services is that we are not only professional and experienced in our line of work, we also adopt eco-friendly methods in line with the latest technology development in the world.

Furthermore, our professional team comprises of fully-qualified technicians who continuously strive to keep themselves updated with the industrial standards and training to ensure that the best service is delivered to our clients.

Go Green, Save the Earth

With rapid technological developments and advancements in lifestyle, pollution levels around the world are increasing. Nonetheless, there are notable efforts taken by some members of our society to restore the natural balance of Mother Earth by going green. (Read how important breathing in good quality air is to our health here)

As global warming worsens at a rapid rate that affects billions of people around the globe, air conditioning has become a necessity. However, overusing air conditioning systems and servicing them with harsh chemicals have been proven to impact both the environment and human health negatively.

BioHydro aims to make a difference in the world by allowing everyone to still enjoy cool air while preserving Mother Nature at the same time. BioHydro uses SIRIM and HALAL certified multi – enzyme cleaning formulation which rave been verified to comply with the highest environmental standards. Our aim is to replace the current air-conditioner cleaning industry norms of using HIGHLY TOXIC and CORROSIVE chemical cleaning agents. BioHydro’s cleaning solution is certified non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-pathogenic and is biodegradable.

BioHydro conducts the Refrigeration System Evacuation by using the techniques, procedures and recovery equipment, which are approved by government’s Department of Environment (Jabatan Alam Sekitar).

Key Summary of using BioHydro’s Cleaning solution VS Conventional Chemical Wash:

BioHydro Neutral Cleaning Agent

  • Non-corrosive on metal surface
  • Cooling coil will be free from all contaminants after cleaning
  • Prolongs the air conditioner’s life-span
  • Improves on indoor air quality tremendously minus the harmful effects of chemicals vapour and odour
  • 100% biodegradable and will not pollute the water system
  • Eco friendly environment

Conventional Cleaning Chemical

  • Highly toxic and acidic
  • Corrosive on all metal surface
  • Cooling coil will erode due to corrosion which can damage the coil and lead to gas leakage
  • Reduces air conditioner life-span and higher maintenance cost for long term
  • Emits hazardous chemicals vapour and odour that is harmful to your family’s health
  • Pollutes water system with toxic chemicals