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Troubleshoot & Repair

Troubleshoot & Repair​

A professional technician is required to troubleshoot any cooling system when problems begin to surface. Among the many reasons for the emergence of problems with cooling systems are faulty installations, poor servicing and inadequate maintenance. During a hot season, the last thing anyone would want is for the cooling system to malfunction. This could lead to serious undesirable consequences.

Equipped with the relevant knowledge and years of experience in the industry, BioHydro’s team will be able to troubleshoot and take the appropriate measures to rectify the problems in no time. This is why a routine prevention/maintenance inspection is important to ensure the smooth running of your cooling systems to avoid any unnecessary interferences.

Some of the most common problems cooling system owners face include (but not limited to):

It is crucial that one contracts a qualified and experienced specialist to either troubleshoot or even repair cooling systems. Unqualified and inexperienced service technicians often fail to detect refrigerant charging problems and may even worsen the existing condition.