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Eqobrush - Automatic Tube Cleaning System

Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning System for Heat Exchangers and Condensers

EQOBRUSH on-line automatic tube cleaning systems guarantee optimal performance at all times by preventing fouling or scaling in the tubes of heat exchangers, chiller condensers or steam condensers. With Eqobrush you will realize substantial savings in energy cost and increase system capacity.

Eco-friendly performance enhancement

Intelligent and innovative engineering


EQOBRUSH tube cleaning systems have been in use since the early 80’s. The original design by MAN Turbinenbau AG in Germany has been perfected over the last 3 decades. With today/s ever increasing energy costs the saving this system delivers is hotter than ever.

Singapore headquartered WATCO and German company Kalvo havejoined forces to bring this technology to clients worldwide providing impressive savings on operational running costs as well as minimising environmental impact.

Intelligent engineering

The EQOBRUSH system reverses the flow in the heat exchanger at regular intervals to push cleaning brushes through the pipes of the installation. This operational principle guarantees every pipe in the heat exchanger system is physically cleaned with equal frequency. With negligible pressure loss and zero bypass leakage rates on the reversing valves, EQOBRUSH realizes maximum energy savings.

Eliminate deposit build-up

Three major processes reduce the efficiency of a heat exchanger:

» Biologicalfouling
» Scaling
» Corrosion

Chemical measurements are costly and temporary solutions. Frequent brushing of each tube prevents any type of accumulation of any type of deposits.

The brush looses up fresh contaminations and keeps it in solution. Accumulations leave the system via a blow-down or a basin sump in the cooling tower. As the brush passes several times in a day through the tube, the buildup of contaminations is very small.

Long life components

EQOBRUSH system components are designed for durability:

» Nylon brush hairs on titanium wire with ABS/PE caps and catch baskets will last for up to 5 years
» Zero bypass, in-Iine reversing valves are incorporated into existing systems with minimal adjustment to existing pipework

EQOBRUSH components are available in standard sizes for pipes from 100 — 600mm (50mm increments) and tube sizes from 10-30mm. Non-standard sizes can be engineered on request.

The automatic EQOBRUSH brush cleaning system offers the following effective advantages compared with traditional processes:

Design service

To find out how your process can benefit by installing the EQOBRUSH system, please submit your process criteria through our website.

You will be contacted by our local engineer, who will present the best possible solutions with EQOBRUSH.